Acne Scarring

Acne Scarring

Acne Treatment Perth

For most of us acne is an unpleasant but temporary phase of growing up. Many however, are left with scars that serve as a reminder of just how inequitable life can be. Traditional but now outmoded acne treatments such as dermabrasion and full CO2 laser resurfacing, whilst effective, have the disadvantage of requiring general anaesthesia, prolonged hospital stays and lengthy downtime. Fraxel laser represents a significant development in the treatment of this sometimes debilitating condition, and is now considered the Gold Standard treatment.

The FRAXEL Dual Restore has the longest and best track record of all fractional lasers for effectiveness and safety. In April 2011 Laser Skin Care added the Lumenis Ultrapulse fractional CO2 laser to our acne treatments in Perth. This provides an excellent alternative treatment.

How does Fraxel work?

Fraxel laser allows us to fractionally resurface areas of scarring. This means that thousands of microscopic columns of damaged skin in the affected area are ablated and allowed to re-epithelialise from the intervening bridges of normal tissue. Each successive treatment builds on the improvement achieved before. Best results are achieved in the absence of "ice-pick" scarring.

The technology of fractionally resurfacing allows us to achieve better results with far fewer complications than with traditional treatments for acne scarring. The bridges of normal skin cells surrounding each tiny area of treatment mean healing is rapid with each treated area being completely re-epithelialised within 24 hours. This completely avoids the raw areas seen with older acne treatments.


Advantages of Fraxel at Laser Skin Care

  • Laser Skin Care are the most experienced fractional laser treatment clinic in Perth – our doctors have now performed over 2000 treatments
  • Fraxel is the gold standard and benchmark for fractional laser treatments, with the longest and best record for safety and effectiveness
  • Very high patient satisfaction rates after the treatment course
  • Minimal down time
  • An excellent safety profile – very few complications
  • All skin types can be treated
  • Any body area can be treated safely

What is involved in treatment?

The area is anaesthetised using a topical (cream) anaesthetic. A stream of cold air is used to further improve anaesthesia. The treatment is quick and may take 15 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the area. After treatment the skin is red and is swollen for two to three days. This is then followed by a fine sandpaper-like exfoliation of the epidermis. Some areas such as around the eyes are more prone to swell than others. Redness is easily concealed with makeup. Over the ensuing weeks and months there is collagen remodelling as well as reduction of the pigment that often accompanies scarring.

How many treatments are required?

It is important to understand that because of the nature of fractional resurfacing, multiple (3 to 6) treatments in Perth are considered necessary for maximal benefits. Ongoing new collagen growth occurs for many months following the treatment course, resulting in gradual and ongoing improvement in this time. Some types of acne scarring may be resistant to treatment. More severe scarring, older scarring, and icepick scars sometimes show disappointing results.

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Before & After:

Our patient after receiving a full face of Fraxel laser treatment and CO2 laser under the eyes.