Cynosure Cynergy Laser

Cynosure Cynergy Laser

The Cynosure Cynergy laser is the latest generation of vascular lasers, and utilises the combination of a pulsed dye laser and an Nd:YAG laser in the same unit.

The lasers are able to be operated independently, or combined in a multiplex mode which fires the lasers sequentially.

The multiplex mode utilises the pulsed dye laser to convert oxy-haemoglobin (the pigment which gives blood vessels their red colour) to deoxy-haemoglobin (the darker colour of blood in veins), which then is targerted by the Nd:YAG laser. This combination treatment has greater effectiveness and less risk of scarring than either laser used alone.

The Cynergy laser is useful for the treatment of Port Wine Stains (red birthmarks), broken capillaries (telangiectasia), rosacea, leg veins, angiomas (such as Campbell de Morgan spots), and spider naevi.

The Cynergy laser provides a state-of-the-art tool for treating many vascular lesions of the skin, and is the best available laser today for treatment of small to medium sized capillaries and venules on the legs.

The Cynergy laser has an integrated cooling tip which provides increased comfort and safety during treatment.

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