Photodynamic Rejuvenation

Photodynamic Rejuvenation

IPL Photodynamic Rejuvenation (PDR)

Photodynamic rejuvenation (PDR) is a wonderful treatment pioneered in WA by dermatologists at Laser Skin Care nearly 12 years ago. PDR allows us to target the changes in the skin of long-term sun damage - it combines the power of the Venus Versa IPL treatment for pigmentation problems and broken capillaries, with the ability to target solar keratoses. These appear as scaly, red or inflamed looking blotches on the sun exposed areas. They are very common in lighter skin types on the face, nose, forearms and hands in particular.

PDR uses a special light sensitive cream containing ALA (amino-laevulinic acid). This cream is applied to the skin prior to the IPL treatment, and is absorbed into abnormal skin cells such as those in solar keratoses. Exposure to the IPL light sets off a chain reaction within these cells leading to the destruction of the abnormal cells by the body.

The after-effects of redness, swelling, bronzing and some crusting are usually more pronounced than IPL alone, and time off work may be needed.

We recommend a course of IPL photodynamic treatment in most cases. This allows the full benefits of rejuvenation, as well as the opportunity to treat abnormal areas on successive occasions.

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