The following is a guide and are subject to change without notice. For medical conditions, Medicare and private health insurance fund rebates may apply. GST is included for cosmetic treatments.
Tattoos (per treatment)$345 - $900 (depending on size)
Pigmentation$320 - $570
Hair: Small Areas eg. chin, lip$110
Hair: Lower legs$480 +
Hair: Other areasOn Assessment
Birthmarks ( Vascular & Pigment)$320 - $675
Facial Veins$235- $570
Leg Veins$380 - $585
IPL Rejuvenation$360 +
Photo Dynamic Rejuvenation (PDR)$790 (Face)
Fraxel for Hormonal PigmentStarting from $600+
Fraxel DUAL 1550/1927Starting from $795+
Fractional CO2 Laser$2,480 (Full face)
Fractional CO2 Laser$2,999 (Neck & Decolletage)
CO2 Laser penile papules$695
CO2 Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation$750
Excision benign moles$300 - $400
Solar keratoses treatment$120 - $355 (cryotherapy or electrodessication)
Dynamic wrinkle injections$360 (1 area / vial ), $660 (2 areas)
Axillary Hyperhidrosis$1150
Lip Volume treatment$650 (1 ml vial)
Cheek Volume treatment$1300 - $1450 (2 ml vial)
Belkyra TreatmentFrom $1,500 (1 treatment) or $2,500 (2 treatments)
Fractional Skin Needling (1 area – Face, Neck OR Décolletage)$300 per treatment
Fractional Skin Needling (2 areas)$500
Fractional Skin Needling (3 areas)$700
Fibrolift Plasma Pen (Upper OR Lower Eyes)$650
Fibrolift Plasma Pen (Both Upper AND Lower Eyes)$1200
LED Light Treatment$70 (20 mins)
Add-on LED Light Treatment$40 (20 mins)
Threads (inc 8 Threads, 4 each side).$3400 (prices vary depending on total threads).

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