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Dr Jenny Tang

MBBS, FRACGP (Graduated 2000)

Dr Jenny Tang (MBBS, FRACGP) graduated from University of Western Australia in 2000. She has been a Perth girl since the age of four and can’t imagine a better place to live and raise her 2 lovely children alongside her endearing hubby. She has been dedicated to Laser Skin Care since 2004 and continues to seek out the best and latest ways to improve her patients’ overall health and well being.

Her main areas of interest and expertise are anti ageing medicine, acne management, skin rejuvenation and pigment removal. Having undergone many of the treatments offered at Laser Skin Care herself, (with a very low pain threshold), she really understands what each patient goes through. This makes her passionate in wanting to provide the best outcomes with the safest and most practical approaches at the clinic. From the little to the big issues that matter to patients, she’s always a listening ear and will give her full attention in caring for them.

Dr Kamila Mytych

MBBS, FRACGP (Graduated 1991)

Dr Kamila Mytych (MBBS, FRACGP) was born in Szczecin, Poland and is a graduate of the UWA Medical School. She joined Laser Skin Care in 2004 and has many years of experience working as a skin cancer physician which complements the aesthetic and rejuvenating skin treatments at the laser clinic.

Her main areas of interest are rejuvenation of sun damaged and aged skin, treatment of pigmentation and creative and artistic use of dermal fillers. Her passions outside work are scuba diving and Latin dancing.

Dr Sarah Paton

MBBS UWA (Graduated 1984)

Dr Sarah Paton joined Laser Skin Care in 1998 one year after its inception and has a background also in Breast Medicine. She is a graduate of UWA medical school and completed basic training in Perth and advanced training in Melbourne and USA. With extensive experience she combines a passion for holistic, evidence-based and aesthetic medicine with an artistic eye and understands the importance of good health, best care and happy treatment outcomes.

Away from LSC Sarah likes to walk, cycle, recently climbed a mountain and is passionate about fundraising for medical research. She is particularly expert in Birthmarks, Sclerotherapy, filler treatments of lips, and laser treatment of red blemishes.

Dr Thuy Nguyen

MBBS, FRACGP, FACAM (Graduated 2001)

Dr Nguyen is a local girl who grew up in Perth and graduated from UWA Medical School in 2002. Affectionately known as “Dr T” at Laser Skin Care – she is great at spreading smiles, love and happiness. She always jokes that these are side effects of her treatments. Dr T’s interests as a General Practitioner include family and sexual health and continues to pursue this in private practice.

Her passion in cosmesis has led her to further her work and studies by also being a member of the Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine. Here at LSC, she works performing Mona Lisa Touch (exclusively) and other CO2 treatments. Amongst her special interest are hair and tattoo laser treatments. Dr T’s children often tell us that she makes the best tacos and her closest friends love her for her unwavering friendship that she shares over sashimi and wine. To sum up her dedication at Laser Skin Care she says: “I’m blessed to be able to make others happy through the work that I do.”

Dr Paige Morley

MBBS, FRACGP, Professional Cert of Skin Cancer Medicine (Graduated 2009)

Dr Paige Morley (MBBS, FRACGP) is originally from country WA, and graduated from UWA Medical School in 2010.  As a typical, friendly country kid, shes usually found happy, bubbly and always up for a good chat at Laser Skin Care! Knowing that she always wanted to be involved in family medicine, Paige became a GP and loved the aspect of primary health care prevention medicine.

Paige then experienced, first hand what it was like for a family member to suffer melanoma. Having a melanoma herself, Paige found her passion, up skilled in skin cancer medicine, and discovered the exciting field of cosmetic/dermal medicine along the way.

Dr Paige is most interested in laser tattoo removal, laser hair & pigment removal, wrinkle relaxers, fillers, and overall anti-ageing medicine.  Her aim is to help her patients tailor and achieve their own, personal skin, natural beauty and health outcomes, be it we are all unique.

On her downtime she tries to keep fit through dance, and loves to get out in country WA, and camp, and just get outside and travel.

Dr Sam Aravinth

Dr Sam Aravinth brings over 20 years of medical experience to the practice. He is a certified trainer for thread lifts and regularly takes part in Key opinion meetings in the advancement of thread lift techniques.

He takes pride on providing individualised, tailored results to each one of his patients. He is well versed in the latest techniques in aesthetic medicine. His passion is delivering natural and subtle enhancements with minimal downtime to his patients.

Dr Corryn McLarty

BSc, MBBS (Hons), DCH, FRACGP (Graduated 2012)

Dr. Corryn McLarty commenced her academic journey at McGill University, Canada, earning a an undergraduate degree in physiology. She continued her education at the University of Western Australia (UWA), receiving an MBBS with honours in 2012. Dr. McLarty then attained a Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) and pursued further training in skin cancer medicine, dermoscopy, and skin cancer surgery.

Motivated by a personal link to skin cancer and committed to sun safety, Dr. McLarty focuses on educating her patients about skin health, emphasising empathetic, patient-centred care. Her expertise in skin conditions, preventive care, and dermatological laser therapy makes her an invaluable asset to Laser Skin Care, aligning with our mission to provide advanced solutions for skin health and rejuvenation.

Dr. McLarty is passionate about offering personalised treatment plans that aim for a natural, youthful look, reflecting each patient’s personal goals. When not working, she enjoys being active with her family and socialising with friends over good food and wine. Balancing her role at Laser Skin Care with her responsibilities as a skin cancer GP, she is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in her patients’ lives.

Dr Brodie Thorpe

MBBS, FRACGP (Graduated 2014)

Dr Brodie Thorpe (MBSS, FRACGP) grew up in WA and graduated from UWA Medical School in 2014. After working in the hospital system she did further training to specialise in General Practice, where she has particular interest in women’s health and dermatology. Caring for patients with sun damage and common skin disorders subsequently sparked an interest in the area of cosmetic medicine. 

Dr Brodie believes in a natural, individual approach to aesthetics that allows everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. 

Outside of work Brodie is kept busy with her two young children. When life allows she enjoys catching up with friends, sharing good meals and traveling.

Dr Kate Borchard

Dr Kate is a consultant dermatologist and Mohs specialist with over 10 years of experience in optimising skin health. She is also a co-director of Oxford Dermatology and is an advisor for the Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Advisory Service for complex skin cancers in Western Australia.
Additionally, Dr Kate is currently working with The Cancer Council to improve sun protection in schools.
She brings to Laser Skin Care a wealth of knowledge, skin experience and commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for her patients.

Dr Tim Elliott

Dr Tim Elliott MBBS, FACD, FACMS (USA) is a Specialist Dermatologist and the co-founder of Laser Skin Care Australia.

He completed his Specialist training in 1991 and was awarded the Galderma Travelling Scholarship as the best overall candidate in the Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD) Fellowship exams. He was also the recipient of the Founders’ Medal as the top candidate in the Procedural Dermatology section of these exams.

In 1994, he was awarded the Fellowship of Advanced Dermatologic Surgery from the prestigious Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Dr Elliott’s specific expertise relates to the treatment of skin cancer with emphasis on surgery (including Mohs Surgery) while encompassing the full breadth of other procedural and medical therapies.

Dr Elliott is actively involved in the teaching and training of Dermatologists. He is the Director of a Fellowship Training Program in Mohs Surgery which is accredited by the ACD and the American College of Mohs Surgery.

Dr Elliott served on the ACD National Examinations Committee (2006-2011 as Procedural Censor and 2012-2014 as Chief Examiner).

Dr Elliott has multiple publications in both Australian and International peer-reviewed Dermatology journals.  Dr Elliott has been an Associate Editor for the Australasian Journal of Dermatology (AJD) and has been an ongoing reviewed for the AJD. In 2016 Dr Elliott was awarded the Certificate of Meritorious Service by the ACD.

He currently practices at the South Perth Specialist Skin Cancer Centre.

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