Acne Scarring Treatments

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For most of us acne is an unpleasant but temporary phase of growing up. Many however, are left with scars that serve as a reminder of just how inequitable life can be.

There are a range of treatments available for acne and other scarring conditions. The right treatment for you is dependent on the type of scarring, and time available for recovery. A course of treatments is usually required, and in many cases a combination of treatments may be the most effective.

We offer state of the art laser treatments

The advanced Fraxel laser treats only a fraction of skin at a time without breaking the skin’s protective outer barrier. This is in contrast to traditional resurfacing techniques that remove the entire top layer of damaged skin and are associated with oozing, crusting and a lengthy recovery period.

The Fraxel laser passes through the top layer of skin like light through glass, reaching into the dermis below to create millions of tiny, microscopic areas of thermal damage that stimulate the body’s own wound healing response, notably new collagen production and replacement of damaged skin surfaces with new epidermal skin.

How Fraxel works

Fraxel laser allows us to fractionally resurface areas of scarring. This means that thousands of microscopic columns of damaged skin in the affected area are ablated and allowed to re-epithelialise from the intervening bridges of normal tissue. Each successive treatment builds on the improvement achieved before. Best results are achieved in the absence of “ice-pick” scarring.

The technology of fractionally resurfacing allows us to achieve better results with far fewer complications than with traditional treatments for acne scarring. The bridges of normal skin cells surrounding each tiny area of treatment mean healing is rapid with each treated area being completely re-epithelialised within 24 hours. This completely avoids the raw areas seen with older acne treatments.

Ultrapulse CO2 Laser Skin Treatment For Acne

CO2 laser treatment is a non-surgical, skin rejuvenation procedure to resurface the skin. It is ideal for the removal of acne scars.

A laser beam of a specific energy level is directed at the affected area penetrating the skin and causing the tissue to break down. The depth of treatment is adjusted according to your condition. Collagen production is stimulated and the body naturally heals itself by forming new skin. With treatment, your scars will disappear or lighten and your skin texture evens out. Tightening of the skin also occurs preventing future acne.

Left : Our patient after receiving a full face of Fraxel laser treatment and CO2 laser under the eyes.

For smoother, fresher, healthier skin with improved tone, texture and pore size.

Scarring that can be treated includes red scarring, pigmented scarring, pitted scarring, keloid scars, acne scars, surgical scars, accident scars, chicken pox scars and other scarring.

Areas typically treated include the face, neck, back and all areas of the body.

Fractional Skin Needling for the treatment of acne scaring.

Fractional Microneedling with MDerma is a superior, non-invasive, regenerative micro-needling treatment for your skin.

The body responds to the creation of tiny micro-openings in the skin by accelerating the production of new tissue as well as collagen and elastin. Performed repeatedly over a set period of time, microneedling can significantly improve the skin tone and texture.

Acne and acne scarring become much less noticeable because the new skin cells being produced are healthier than the ones they replaced

Microneedling will reduce acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores, blackheads and scarring.

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Add-On LED Light Therapy

To further enhance collagen induction and reduce redness we recommend LED Light Therapy, from days 2 – 5.

Add-on Price : $40 for one treatment

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