Moles, Skin Tags & Skin Lumps

Perth’s experts in the removal of a wide range of benign skin spots

The doctors at Laser Skin Care can treat a wide variety of benign skin spots and lumps.

What can we treat?

• Benign congenital naevi (moles),
• Skin tags,
• Seborrhoeic warts,
• Milia,
• Dermatofibromas,
• Enlarged sebaceous glands,
• Pearly penile papules
• Angiomas and angiofibromas
• Dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPN)
• Hypertrophic and keloid scars
• Syringomas and others can be treated using a variety of techniques.
• Red spots after acne

Long lasting to permanent results

Benign Skin Spots, Lumps and bumps can pop up over time and are mostly harmless. Before any skin lesions are treated it is important they are assessed by a health professional to be sure they can safely be removed.

Treatment areas:

Face, neck, chest, back, arms, legs

Results are long lasting or permanent, depending on condition treated and individual response.

How we remove lumps and bumps

Benign skin lumps can be removed by shave or punch excision, electrodessication and CO2 laser treatment.

Moles can be faded using the Q-switched YAG laser over a series of treatments.In addition, we also commonly treat raised or hypertrophic scars and keloid scars. These may be injected with steroid to soften and flatten, and/or treated with CO2 or Fraxel laser to flatten and blend the scar in to surrounding skin.

Red spots post acne can be treated and respond well with IPL performed over a series of treatments.

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