Tattoo Removal

Medical grade tattoo removal for superior results

Laser Skin Care offers over 20 years experience in laser treatment for pigment & tattoo removal. Our laser tattoo treatments are performed by doctors only, using the state-of-the-art Nd:YAG Q Switch Laser.

Nd:YAG has been regarded as the gold standard in Laser Tattoo Removal for the past decade worldwide.

Nd:YAG Tattoo Removal

There are many reasons for wanting tattoos removed – we may grow older (and possibly wiser!), work has changed, or the artwork is just not up to scratch. Laser tattoo removal is the only sensible option, given the risks of scarring of the alternatives.

The Nd:YAG Q Switch Laser successfully removes many tattoos over a course of treatment.

The pigment within the tattoo is made up of tiny granules – these are targeted by the laser in nanosecond pulses of energy. The effect is to shatter and disperse the pigment granules. These are then ingested (phagocytosed) by the white blood cells in the skin.

Performed by Doctors, everytime.

A typical course of treatment for a professional laser tattoo removal requires around 10 – 12 sessions.

Laser tattoo removal using Class 4 lasers can only be performed legally by registered medical practitioners in Western Australia. All of our treatments are performed by Doctors, who have the skill and expertise to get you safe and optimal results.

The Nd:YAG Q-Switch Laser has been regarded as the gold standard in Laser Tattoo Removal for the past decade worldwide.
Warning : Bad Tattoo Techniques

Our doctors strongly advise against the use of these techniques.

Tatt2Away, TattBGone, IPL and Tatt Free

Injections treatments for pigment removal work only by scarring the skin. We have seen many cases of scarring from these treatments. Creams do not work to remove pigment which lies deep in the dermis of the skin. IPL does not work and has a very high chance of scarring.

Raised, keloid scarring from injection treatment
Spotty red raised scarring from injection treatment 9 months prior
Red, raised early scarring from IPL treatment
Raised scarring from injection treatment
Depigmented raised scars from injection treatment

Raised punctate scarring from Tatt2Away

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