How long will the results last?

The results from this treatment are long lasting and you can expect the improvement in your skin to last for at least two years. However it is advisable to get regular ‘top up’ treatments every couple of months or so.

What results can I expect?

Results will vary and the number of treatments that you will need will depend on your skin. Typically 10 x 20 minute treatments will reduce wrinkles and improve the quality of your skin by up to 60%. The vast majority of people will see significant improvement during treatments, but the full effect of a treatment […]

Can LED Light therapy be used to help post surgery scarring?

Yes, LED Light Therapy was initially developed to aid in the recovery of wounds and post-surgery scars, without the harmful use of radiation. Now, you can undergo LED Light Therapy to assist with pain relief, superficial skin lesions, rosacea, burns or simply as an addition to your advanced skin care regimen.

How long do treatments take?

Relatively short, depending on your individual treatment plan. Typical treatments are fast and effective, lasting between 10 and 20 minutes.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required will depend on your individual goals, which will be discussed during your initial consultation. Typically, patients are treated two times per week over a period of time and many patients see and feel results after just one treatment.

Does LED Light Therapy help Acne?

Yes, LED Light Therapy can be used to kill bacteria on the skin and has been used by dermatologists as an alternative acne treatment for the past 20 years. Light therapy — also called blue light, red light, or phototherapy — is a research-backed treatment that’s safe for most people and relatively free of side […]

Risks and side-effects

In general, the Plasma Pen Fibrolift treatment is very safe, though some side-effects can occur: Common •Redness, swelling and oozing will be seen in the first few days after treatment and this then dries to small pin-point scabs. Uncommon • Temporary increase in pigmentation (more likely in darker skin types) – occurring after 3 – […]

What can I expect after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, the area will be cleaned and cooled and a soothing gel will be applied. You will have a slight burning sensation similar to sunburn for several hours. Your skin will also feel tight, but in most cases there will be little pain.  There will be some swelling and sometimes pin-point oozing, […]

What does the treatment involve?

Before the treatment a local anaesthetic cream will be applied to the skin and left for approximately 60 minutes. Prior to the treatment your skin is cleansed of all cream and oils. As the Fibrolift is performed you will feel a warm to hot prickly sensation as your specialist passes the plasma device over the […]