The best way of answering this question is by saying “what works best for one person isn’t necessarily what works best for the next.” It is important to have a variety of options available when treating pigmentation problems.

The Gold Standard treatment option for pigment spots is the Q-switched YAG laser. Laser Skin Care has the latest generation Revlite (Q-switched YAG) laser, providing a range of treatment options for both deep and superficial pigment disorders.

In addition we have the powerful doctors-only Ellipse+ IPL system.

Finally, the Fraxel Restore 1927 erbium laser provides a final option for stubborn pigment conditions.

Another point worth being aware of is that IPL systems come in different “strengths”. That means, they vary in how high the energies can be set to. Many of the IPLs in the non medical marketplace are not capable of reaching energies necessary to treat certain conditions adequately. However, they are certainly capable of causing scars and burns in untrained hands.