What side effects can Belkyra cause?

Possible side effects include: Headaches , difficulty swallowing, nausea, skin tightness, lumpiness/hardness, hypertension. It is also completely normal to feel loose or jiggly feeling under the chin. Possible side effects to the injection site include: Bruising, pain, swelling, numbness, redness, tingling, itching, discolouration. Before receiving Belkyra, tell your healthcare provider about all of your medical […]

What should I expect after the treatment?

Belkyra treatment can cause swelling in your chin and upper neck for 2-4 weeks, giving you a temporary fullness before seeing improvement. When scheduling your treatment, it is important to consider this.

How long does the treatment take?

Initially your skin will be treated with an anaesthetic cream to help numb the upper neck/chin. The treatment area will be marked, and sometimes local anaesthetic injections are administered. The active product will then be placed in the fat under the skin. Total treatment time will be approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

What aftercare is recommended?

You will most likely feel a pressure or stinging, and your chin will swell. To minimise pain and swelling after receiving the injections, some patients find icing the area to be helpful. Avoid very strenuous exercise for the first 5 days following treatment. Mild to moderate exercise may be safe after 48 hours, depending on […]

How many treatments are needed?

Many people treated with BELKYRA experience visible improvements in the appearance of their chin profile in 2-4 treatments. Sessions are spaced at least one month apart and a maximum of 6 treatments may be given. It is important to understand that BELKYRA treatment is not a one off treatment. Once your desired results are achieved, […]