Are there any side effects?

Side effects include: local swelling redness bruising lumpiness or irregularity of the filler granuloma (long-term nodules), allergy, infection and ischaemia (rare) This procedure is not recommended for: Pregnant or breast feeding women. Patients who have Roaccutane in the last 3 months. Those with a medical history of auto-immune type diseases (lupus or rheumatoid arthritis) or […]

What is involved in treatment?

For the injection of lines or wrinkles, treatment involves some discomfort, and an anaesthetic cream may be applied an hour beforehand. With regards to the treatment of the lips, a local anaesthetic injection is usually used to numb the area. The procedure generally takes around 30 minutes with the effect usually lasting between 6 months […]

What fillers are used at Laser Skin Care?

We use fillers with a long history of safe and effective use. We only use fillers from highly reputable companies who are world leaders in this field. They have a longevity which varies from 6 to 18 months, depending on the area treated and the amount of wrinkle filler used. It is gradually reabsorbed, but […]

Why use dermal fillers for lips?

As we age, lips tend to thin, and the injection of even small volumes will create a fuller effect. Wrinkle filler may be injected to improve definition, increase fullness, or to reduce lines. Vertical lines on the top lip are best treated with tiny amounts of filler placed in the line. The concern that most […]