When will I see results?

Typically 2-3 treatments are needed to see optimal results and achieve the desired outcome on the vaginal layer. We recommend three treatments, six weeks apart with annual maintenance.

What happens after treatment?

The MonaLisa Touch procedure is very safe and has very little risks. Immediately after the treatment you may feel a very mild heat sensation. This will not last longer than a few hours. There is a transient inflammatory reaction expected after the procedure such as sensation of heat, possible burning and minor bleeding. These symptoms […]

What does each treatment involve?

The procedure is not painful so pain relief is not required. The doctor will firstly perform an examination of the vagina using a speculum to exclude the presence of any concerns of abnormality apart from VVA, the extent of which will be assessed. The MonaLisa Touch procedure is performed with the patient lying supine and […]

How does MonaLisa CO2 Vaginal Laser work?

The principle of fractional laser is to treat a proportion of the skin or mucosal surface area in columns of laser light. Recent scientific literature shows that treatment with fractional CO2 laser can be used for the treatment of vaginal health related conditions and specifically that it significantly improves symptoms of VVA in post menopausal […]