Please explain the different classes of lasers?

Laser tattoo removal using Class 4 lasers can only be performed legally by registered medical practitioners in Western Australia. We are aware that some clinics may be promoting Class 3 (weak) laser treatment of tattoos. Class 3 lasers will not effectively remove tattoo pigment. Different tattoo colours are targeted by the range of laser wavelengths. […]

What Types of Brown Spots or Lesions will the Revlite Laser Remove?

In addition to being used for anti-aging, wrinkle reduction and tattoo removal, Revlite can be used for removing: • Brown age spots • Liver spots • Sun spots • Photo damage • Freckles • Flat seborrhoeic keratoses • Hyper pigmentation • Lentigo and lentigines • Brown birthmarks • Melasma • Chloasma • Superficial birthmarks such […]

What is the treatment like?

We recommend that local anaesthetic cream is used on the skin for 90 minutes prior to the treatment: EMLA cream or Dr Numb are two examples. These are covered with cling film. The treatment is uncomfortable, and ice is used on the skin to reduce pain. Small tattoos can be treated in minutes, large ones […]

Why the Relite Laser over IPL?

IPL treatment will not remove tattoos – IPL treatment will either do nothing, or result in burns and scars. In addition, there is no credible evidence that injecting any substance into a tattoo will result in removal without scarring. We have seen many cases of scarring caused by these types of techniques.