Does it leave a scar?

No guarantees can be given, but in the vast majority of cases there is no scarring. Raised scarring is most unlikely, but patients should be aware that it can occur. Changes in pigmentation may also occur, leaving some whiteness in the treated area. Infection, which is a rare complication, may increase the risk of scarring. […]

Will the tattoo disappear completely?

In many cases the answer is yes. However it is more common to achieve significant fading and partial removal. It is very important to appreciate that world-wide, there are over 100 substances used in tattoo inks today. Some compounds do not respond to laser treatment at all. This is more common with greens and blues. […]

What happens after laser tattoo removal treatment?

There will usually be some swelling; pinpoint bleeding, blisters and scabbing can occur. Vaseline or an antiseptic ointment (Bepanthen) should be applied daily for 5 to 7 days, until the area is healed. The treated area can get wet, but should be gently patted dry. As the scabs lift, some of the ink may be […]

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depend on how heavily inked the tattoo is, the colours used, and the location (tattoos on the distal parts of the body are slower to respond, eg, the wrist). Cover-up tattoos are expected to be slower due to the extra layers of ink. If the tattoo is multicoloured, then more treatments […]

What does it feel like?

The discomfort is usually more than when you have a tattoo done. It is common to apply a local anaesthetic cream at home 90 minutes prior to treatment. We also use ice or chilled air in many cases.