Congenital Vascular Lesions

Congenital Lesions

Congenital vascular lesions include Port Wine Stain, Strawberry naevi and Infantile Haemangiomas. The majority of vascular birthmarks are not clinically evident at birth but become apparent within the first days to months of life. Haemangiomas are more common on the head and neck, although they can occur anywhere on the skin. They range in size […]

IPL Blog Post

IPL blog post

Do you know the difference between a medical grade IPL machine and a beauty salon IPL? IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and can be used to rejuvenate the skin usually over a number of treatments but even one treatment will make a difference. It greatly reduces the appearance of signs of aging and of […]

Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel Laser

Laser Skin Care Australia (LSC) has the full range of FRAXEL systems and the choice of which system depends on the condition to be treated. FRAXEL can be used on different parts of the body apart from the face, including neck, chest, limbs and other. The FRAXEL laser is highly versatile and can be used […]

Tattoo Removal Blog


Change of mind or change of heart? Laser tattoo removal at Laser Skin Care is safe and effective. The Revlite Q-Switched Nd: Yag Laser breaks up the pigment particles and allows the body to naturally remove it. While laser maybe slightly slower than other methods available, it is by far the safest option to remove […]

Latest Doctors Blog Post


Read Dr Jenny Tang’s latest blog post about our HydraFacial MD treatment below: Hands up if you enjoy a relaxing facial! Not only do you get to indulge with the Hydrafacial experience but with all the added benefits that are unique to this treatment. Our highly trained and experienced therapists performing the treatment will leave […]

Laser Hair Removal Review


Read our patients account account of her recent LightSheer laser hair removal treatment with Laser Skin Care: “I decided to have laser hair removal at Laser Skin Care last month because my lower legs were a spikey mess. I have shaved all my life because I just couldn’t handle the pain of a professional wax. […]

Fraxel Patient Review


Read our patient’s account of her recent Fraxel laser treatment with Laser Skin Care: Alison, 30 years of age “As a sun worshipper and ex-solarium addict, I noticed my skin took a drastic turn for the worse a couple of years ago. Despite trying many different creams, nothing seemed to prevent the new freckles appearing […]

Latest Doctors Blog Post


What is Melasma and what are the treatment options? Melasma, also known as chloasma, is a complex form of pigmentation that is often stimulated by sun exposure and oestrogen – either from pregnancy, the contraceptive pill, hormone replacement therapy or normal circulating oestrogens. As a result, melasma mostly affects women, although it can occur uncommonly […]