Hormonal Pigmentation Removal

Melasma, also called Chloasma, is the name given to hormonal pigmentation. This can be very difficult to treat, and historically treatments have included creams, dermabrasion and peels.

FRAXEL lasers have been used to treat melasma for years but not until the advent of the 1927nm system did we begin to see great results. This was due to the inability of the older FRAXEL systems to penetrate and focus the laser at the correct skin depth where the melasma pigmentation sits.

The best treatment available now anywhere for melasma is the 1927nm FRAXEL. Every patient’s skin is unique and melasma varies in its presentation, depth, density and in the possible number of laser treatments required to produce a desired result. One alone can in many cases produced tremendous improvement.

Please call for a free consultation to discuss.

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