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How To Choose A Good Cosmetic Physician by Dr Kamilla Mytych

Selecting a cosmetic clinician skilled in facial aesthetic assessment and injectable treatments can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to cosmetic enhancements.

The cosmetic medical industry has seen exciting growth in recent times, but with so many options to choose from is it competitive and patients are spoilt for choice in who they see for treatments of their fine lines, wrinkles or other cosmetic concerns.

Discounted treatments are one of many marketing tools clinics and practitioners use to attract new clients, but this is a slippery slide right to the bottom and often dangerous.

Don’t chase the best price, chase skill.
Shopping around for cosmetic procedures is not like shopping for clothes or a pair of shoes. Ask yourself why some clinics and doctors charge more and some less? Why do some clinics offer amazing specials and others have more stable prices?

It’s true, price is a huge motivating factor for many patients. But it really shouldn’t be!
Anyone can stick needles into your face, but very few cosmetic injectors can actually do it well with a keen aesthetic eye. It’s not the product you are really paying for, it’s the skill of the injector.

Consider the expertise of the cosmetic injector. Don’t feel bashful about asking for qualifications. Remember, it’s your face.
Are they a nurse or a doctor? How many years have they been injecting and how often? Who trained them and how extensively?

Cosmetic medicine has become heavily commercialised however these treatments still need to be thought of as a medical procedure that comes with risks.
Even though the vast majority of cosmetic injectable treatments proceed without any complications, it’s important that you are fully informed of potential risks prior. It is equally important to know whether your cosmetic injector is capable of recognising and managing an adverse outcome if it were to arise.

Take for example, when you go to your GP – You value their time and expertise, right? Good Cosmetic Physicians have undergone comprehensive and extensive training to improve their skills and train in sub-specialty of aesthetic medicine. They know their stuff!

Medical practitioners aim for patient’s safety and satisfaction, so perhaps consider a private medical clinic with an experienced clinician, rather than a shopping centre clinic.

Cost should come secondary to value. If you are seeking a warm and safe experience in a responsible clinic with highly trained practitioners expect to pay more.

Unfortunatly chain clinics often run a higher risk of unsatisfactory results, treatment complications and lack of support. The price may be cheaper but so is the service,
duty of care and quality of the treatment. This is a risk you are choosing to take.

At Laser Skin Care we pride ourselves on looking after our patients in a warm, professional and ethical way aiming to form a long term therapeutic relationships. We provide our patients with personalised care and treatment plans to achieve long lasting, superior results. To do this, we offer detailed complimentary consultations at the clinic.

If you would like to book in for a complimentary consultation, in the privacy of our boutique medical facility please call 9368 6888 today.

Dr. Kamilla Mytych

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