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Do you know the difference between a medical grade IPL machine and a beauty salon IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and can be used to rejuvenate the skin usually over a number of treatments but even one treatment will make a difference. It greatly reduces the appearance of signs of aging and of mild sun damage including freckles, redness, dullness and loss of sheen and more.

The IPL treatments at Laser Skin Care Australia are performed by medical practitioners of many years’ experience using our medical grade IPL machine, so more powerful and more effective compared to a treatment you would receive at a non-medical clinic.
The technology can reduce broken capillaries, the redness of rosacea, mild acne, freckles, and significantly rejuvenate the skin.

Photo-rejuvenation using the IPL can improve skin quality especially over a series of treatments. It produces a light made up of a spectrum of wavelengths that penetrate into the skin for reduction of freckles, redness and general improvement of complexion.

Photo-Dynamic-Rejuvenation (PDR) is a wonderful treatment pioneered in WA by Dermatologists at Laser Skin Care 20 years ago allowing us to target the changes in the skin of long-term sun damage where pre-cancerous skin lesions can be treated.

PDR uses a special light sensitive cream which is applied prior to the IPL treatment. This is absorbed into abnormal skin cells allowing them to be more sensitive and therefore more easily destroyed by light. In many cases, especially where there is more long-term solar damage, we prepare the abnormal cells with a skin cancer cream for 5-7 days prior to PDR, and this assists in the destruction of the pre-cancerous cells.

The after-effects of redness, swelling and crusting are more pronounced with PDR than IPL alone so a few days off work may be necessary.

Most patients describe the sensation as a very warm stinging feeling no worse than a wax or a pluck.

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