Laser Hair Removal Review

Read our patients account account of her recent LightSheer laser hair removal treatment with Laser Skin Care:

“I decided to have laser hair removal at Laser Skin Care last month because my lower legs were a spikey mess. I have shaved all my life because I just couldn’t handle the pain of a professional wax. I honestly thought I would be stuck shaving forever! My problem was that even after shaving, it would look like I still had hairy unshaven legs! Every hair follicle clearly stood out like little black polka dots all over my calves…very embarrassing!

If you are like me and find waxing to be unbearably painful and shaving inconveniently inadequate, then I highly recommend you book a REAL laser treatment with the awesome team of doctors at LSC! I can honestly say that it didn’t hurt at all! I could feel the handpiece “flicking” as it moved along my legs but to my surprise, no pain. Just after one session, my legs look dramatically better! My skin looks completely bare (no polka dots), and the hairs on my lower legs are still falling out too.  A huge thank you and shout out to Dr Mytych and the rest of wonderful team at Laser Skin Care!”
Kimberly, LSC Patient.

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