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- Rebecca Judd.

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Exfoliant Serum



All the benefits of AHAs without the irritation! Utilising patented technology, The Skincare Company Exfoliant Serum provides a unique form of Alpha Hydroxy acids that delivers all the advantages of lactic acids without the negative effects of dry, irritated and overly-sensitive skin.

Combining a unique blend of both alpha and beta hydroxy acids, our Exfoliant Serum will significantly improve skin texture removing dull surface skin cells, promoting the stimulation of new cell turnover, reduce skin discoloration and excess pigmentation, assist to decongest acne prone skin and also enhance the penetration of other active ingredients included in your skincare routine.

  • Extremely potent AHA/BHA formula
  • Time release, patented mechanism prevents irritation
  • Increases cell turnover to reveal younger looking skin
  • Enhances penetration of antioxidant serums
Free Delivery on all orders over $50 in Australia

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