‘This is the best
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on the market’
- Rebecca Judd.

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Hydration Booster Serum



A nourishing and fast absorbing facial oil ideal for sensitive and reactive skins. The Skincare Company Hydration Booster serum is enriched with the powerful antioxidants Co-enzyme Q10 and Vitamin A to fight free radical damage.

Contains NO sulphate, parabens, lanolin, mineral oils, artificial colours, fragrance or SLS.

Formulated using the most nourishing and regenerative ingredients to help combat the delicate aging process, this booster serum is very adaptable and can be mixed with your moisturiser for extra hydration and antioxidant boost or as a stand-alone product for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skins.

  • Coenzyme Q10 effectively combats aging
  • Regenerative ingredients and antioxidants fight free radicals
  • Contains no sulphates, parabens or SLS
  • Free of mineral oils, artificial colours and fragrance
Free Delivery on all orders over $50 in Australia

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