Teeth Grinding

Wrinkle Relaxers for Teeth Grinding and Jaw Slimming

Masseter Reduction Treatment

Wrinkle Relaxers are a highly effective and safe treatment for patients with long standing problems associated with overuse of the masseter (jaw) muscles.

Grinding teeth and clenching of these muscles can result not only in frequent tension or migraine headaches but also damage to the teeth requiring expensive dental repairs. Dental splints are often found to be expensive, cumbersome and compliance is low leading to minimal improvement.

How do they work and why?

Wrinkle Relaxant injections placed directly into the masseter muscles lead to a significant improvement in the above symptoms but other benefits include a positive change in the aesthetic appearance of the jaw line for some patients.

The amount of relaxant required varies from person to person but is titrated to the response required.

Results are usually apparent 2-3 weeks post treatment with very rare adverse reactions to the injections. It’s an ideal treatment that patients can resume normal activities post treatment. The effects usually last 3-4 months and regular treatments can even provide longer relief for patients.

The improvement can be life changing for some patients reliant on regular pain relief.

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